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Walk & Talk sessions are an opportunity to talk things through without any other distractions.   Walking has a particular way of freeing the mind.  Kenneth Grahame, the author of "The Wind in the Willows", described it very well:  "For Nature's particular gift to the walker, through the semi-mechanical act of walking ... is to set the mind jogging..."


Walk&Talks can be useful before a session with the horses, or as a follow-up.  They can also be a lovely practice on their own, if a horse facilitated session is not possible or desired. Unlike a counselling or coaching session in a room, nature and movement, walking next to each other, makes the conversation easy and non-confrontational.  And of course, very enjoyable.


I choose walks that are easy and straightforward to do.  We will take the weather into account, and if it is very muddy there are options with tarmac paths.


Walk&Talk sessions last approximately 60 minutes and cost £45.  Book by calling me on 07903 439147, e-mail, or use the enquiry form under the "contact" button on this site.

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