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Wooden sink

The Equintelligence "office", a barn conversion affectionately known as 'The Pavilion', is where we prepare for the sessions with the horses by talking things through.  It seems to be a space apart from everyday life, unassuming and comfortable like an old friend.  Suddenly things look different and seem easier to talk about.

The value of talking about one's problems with someone who is not involved, has no stake in the outcome, has long been recognised.  In the pavilion talks we can begin to notice ourselves afresh, let our true feelings come to the surface, and hone in on what is really going on.

Once we are clearer, we can then go and work with the horses, or choose some other practice we feel will help us.

Pavilion Talks are also a good way to try out if we can work together.  They usually take around 45 minutes and cost £40.  Book via the contact form or call me on 07903 439147.

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