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Individual Sessions

Self-awareness - who I am and what I want - is central to an authentic and fulfilled life.  It often seems that understanding these things on an intellectual level does not lead to lived change. Experience is the real change agent, but this can take time, sometimes too much time.
In a horse facilitated session we can work on a specific question or theme, or look at our life overall.  Simple interactions with horses reveal the emotions behind past and present events, bring new possibilities of feeling and acting into the situation, and allow healing to happen. Emotional insight and relief, and an immediate feeling of new opportunities are a common result of a first session.
Horse facilitated sessions do not involve riding and prior experience with horses is not needed.
Sessions last 90 minutes and cost £125.
I also offer "Walk&Talk" sessions, which can be a useful preparation or stand-alone practice (see Walk&Talk button).
Contact me via the contact form, call 07903 439147 or e-mail, to find out more and arrange a session.


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