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Horse assisted human development work (also called Equine Facilitated Personal Development or Learning) lends itself particularly well to the exploration of team working and leadership styles.  Horses work continuously to keep balanced and peaceful relationships in the herd, for the benefit of the whole herd.  They are supremely able to pick up communication cues and changes in energy.  

In our practice with horses we can acquire a higher level of instant awareness and effective communications.  Embodied and authentic self-expression combined with strong listening skills are inspiring qualities many of us aspire to.  In practical exercises with horses we can directly experience the difference we can make for ourselves and others.

We offer team workshops and private sessions for leaders.  Our practitioners have backgrounds in corporate business, SME business, public services, the arts and media.  They taylor each session to the particular needs of each group or individual, with horses to suit.  Prior experience with horses is not required, and we will not include any riding.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements, via the contact form on this site, call 07903 439147, or e-mail

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