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Sessions for Groups

Self-awareness, emotional intelligence, mindfulness - relationships between people rely on these qualities, yet they still seem to be rarer than we all hope.  Intentions do not always lead to results.
Equine facilitated coaching brings the immediacy of equine intelligence into the tangle of group relations.  Horses have co-evolved with humans for thousands of years. They read us with great accuracy and bring their wild herd survival skills for us to use. Experiential, embodied learning leads to instant changes never forgotten and inuitively carried forward.
Group sessions are great fun and lead to much greater mutual understanding and supportiveness between group members - be that work or sports teams, families, or virtual teams who rarely meet.
Group sessions can be arranged for half and full days.  Costs vary depending on the programme and numbers.  See the "Fees" section for price examples. Contact us via the contact form, e-mail, or call 07903 439147.

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