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It may be that horse work seems a big step right now, or what we need is just to talk to someone.  This is where "Walk & Talk" and "Caravan Talks" come in.

From the horse helped sessions I have learned that my clients love talking in the little old caravan we use as the "office" to sit in and  prepare a session.  They say it is cosy and private, but not like a house or an office, not like everyday life.  A space apart.

I have also noticed that with some clients the easiest talking happens outside as we are walking to the fields and do our body-scan and breathing.  

This is why I offer Walk&Talks and Caravan Talks.  They are a good way to chat about things and begin to notice what is going on.  They are also a shorter and cheaper than a horse helped session, and a good way to try me out.

For more information on Walk&Talk click here, for Caravan Talks click here.  Both cost £35 per hour.

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