These are our standard fees for sessions at our Woodbridge location.   We can customise a quote to your requirements and run sessions in private or corporate locations.  Please drop us an e-mail on equintelligence@icloud.com to discuss your requirements.

Individual session:

Walk & talk (45 minutes)                                                               -     £ 40

First session and introduction to the horses (45 minutes)  -     £ 65

Full session adults (90 minutes)                                                -     £120

Full session children (1 hour)                                                      -    £  65

 Groups (3 - 6 participants)

Half-day group                                                                                   -  £85 per person

Full-day group                                                                                    -  £110 per person

For half-day sessions, we will provide light refreshments, for full-day sessions refreshments and a light lunch.  Please let us know about any special dietary requirements when you book.